Telephone Counselling and Psychotherapy

Although the majority of my counselling and psychotherapy work is face-to-face, I also offer a telephone service for those that prefer it.

Who is telephone counselling and psychotherapy for?

Telephone counselling and psychotherapy may be especially suitable for you if:

  • It is difficult for you to make time for counselling or psychotherapy sessions –for example because you work long hours or because you are caring for children or other family members. With telephone counselling and psychotherapy, there is no travel time involved in attending sessions, which can make it easier to fit around your other commitments.
  • You prefer the idea of receiving counselling or psychotherapy within your own home – this might be because of anxiety about travel or leaving the house (agoraphobia), or you may simply prefer the comfort of your home environment.
  • You are unable to travel or access a face-to-face appointment because of illness, injury or disability.
  • You live in more than one place, or travel a lot within the UK, or are planning to move home– with telephone counselling and psychotherapy, you can continue to speak to the same therapist when you move from to place.
  • You prefer not to be seen by your therapist – if you need to speak about issues which you find very painful, embarrassing, frightening or shameful, then you may find that being on the telephone with your therapist makes it easier for you to speak freely.

Please note that I only offer telephone counselling and psychotherapy to UK-based clients.

How does telephone counselling and psychotherapy differ from face-to-face?

There is very little difference. When I work by telephone I am drawing on the same knowledge, training and experience as I use when I work face-to face, and I am using the same skills. In general, I would expect you to gain as much from a telephone session with me as you would from a face-to-face session. Many people find that they are able to be more open and honest on the telephone, because of the ‘visual privacy’ that the telephone allows.

Telephone counselling and psychotherapy is not a ‘helpline’ service. It involves a regular appointment at a fixed time each week – just like face-to-face counselling and psychotherapy.  In terms of length it can be anything from a few weeks to a few months or even years, depending on your needs.

One difference between telephone and face-to-face therapy is that without being able to read cues from your body language, I will be guided much more by your voice and words to pick up emotional meaning. I may also check with you more often, to make sure I am understanding you correctly.

What does it cost?

My fee is £60 per session, including the first session.

You do not need to pay for the telephone call itself. I will call you at the time we have agreed, unless you tell me that you would prefer to make the call yourself.

How can I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, please email me on with

  • A few sentences about yourself and your reasons for seeking therapy at this time. You do not need to write a lot – just a few lines is fine.
  • What days/ times you are available for a telephone appointment.

For more information about my training, experience, and the way I work, see the ‘About Me’, ‘Common Questions’ and ‘Integrative Psychotherapy’ pages of my website.